Your partner in crafting

User Experiences

Common Media is a digital agency with a nine-year history of successful collaboration and innovation. We are integral long-term partners in our clients' success.

We're equally comfortable handling interactive strategy, design and development. We're always looking for a good challenge – do you need a great partner?

A collaborative process, from start to finish


Our collaborative process defines project goals and requirements, minimizing the risk of budget and timeline expansion. Our approach is both "user centered" and "content focused" – eliminating unnecessary obstacles between your users and your content.


With only a few seconds to make a great digital first impression, it’s essential to tune your website to your users' real needs and expectations. We focus on getting your users where they need to go as smoothly as possible.


By analyzing each project’s unique requirements and goals, we create durable content management solutions tailored to your needs. We select the best technology for each application, whether that be Drupal, WordPress, Ruby on Rails, React.js or something entirely different.